password fatigue 密码疲劳



Password fatigue1 is the feeling experienced by many people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily routine, such as to logon to a computer at work, undo2 a bicycle lock or conduct banking3 from an automated4 teller5 machine (ATM). The concept is also known as password chaos6 or more broadly as identity chaos.  很多人都经历过“密码疲劳”,记住大量的密码已经成为人们日常生活的一部分,比如上班时的电脑登录密码,解车锁密码,ATM机操作密码等等。这还被称为“密码混乱”或者“ID混乱”。   The increasing prominence7 of information technology and the Internet in employment, finance, recreation and other aspects of people"s lives, and the ensuing introduction of secure transaction technology, has led to people accumulating a proliferation of accounts and passwords.  信息科技和互联网在工作、金融、休闲娱乐和生活其他方面越来越重要,随之引入的安全交易技术使人们积攒了大量的账户和密码。